Introduction Edit

In the movie I was a teenage werewolf, the method of becoming a werewolf is much different from the traditional method. The normal way of becoming a werewolf according to folk lore is that a person is either bit from a werewolf or was born that way in the first place. In this movie the method of becoming a werewolf was produced from a doctor who applied a catalyst on the main character. In this movie the doctor gave Tony an elixir of some kind claiming it to be a mild sedative. Once the boy took the serum the doctor went into the other room consulting with his assistant about the ethics of giving Tony an experimental serum that would put the boy back into his primitive state from before man developed thought. This was done through hypnosis.

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Analysis Edit

                The doctor felt that putting Tony through this experience that Tony would be able to get over this primitive form of violence. Once the doctor had Tony count down from 100 he started to get a vision of himself becoming a werewolf. This begs the question, was tony originally a werewolf? If so would this start the era of a new but old species in the movie? It makes you feel that the doctor actually wants Tony to become a werewolf. You could feel the fear in the consulting expert when he realized that the body was not mutilated by a dog but by a werewolf. Even Tony was afraid of what he had become, mostly it was the fear of what he has done to his classmate. The scientists in this film a clearly ignoring basic ethical practices just to get their moment of glory. All they wanted was a chance to create “progress” and move science in a different direction. This however, ended up biting them in the rear.

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