In the movie, I Was a Teenage Werewolf, the film follows a troubled high school student named Tony Rivers. The movie was a commercial hitHe has had a history of outbreaks and aggression, one in particular that results in his visiting of a psychologist. Tony seems to have a well put together support system consisting of his dad and girlfriend, who both urge him to see the psychologist after is second outbreak at a Halloween party. The first fight Tony was involved in during the film takes place at school between another classmate and results in a developing interest of detective Donovan. The second fight takes place at a Halloween party when Vic, a friend of Tony’s, attempts to surprise him which ends in Tony violently attacking him. This incidence further perpetuates the concerns of his girlfriend and father. Tony comes to the decision that he should seek assistance for his aggression problem and goes to see Dr. Brandon. The rest of the film consists of Dr. Brandon taking advantage of a perfect situation by attempting to revert Tony back to his most primitive state and, ultimately, Tony turning into a werewolf and killing certain characters which result in him being shot. Doc Brandon's manipulation of Tony is interesting because he is using an innately aggressive teenager to reduce to a more primal state; something that one would consider counter intuitive. I want to focus on what I believe to be the underlying factor that causes all of the events in the film; Tony’s aggression. We know that Tony is troubled, and it can be seen when he (as a werewolf) We don’t know much about Tony’s life before we are introduced to him other than that he is a troubled and aggressive teenager and has a widowed father. I think its important to note that losing a parent at a vulnerable age such as this can have profound effects on an individuals’ outward expression of emotions. I think that Tony is wrestling with certain thoughts and/or questions in his head and his uncertainty manifests itself as aggression. It’s unfortunate that the situation of a vulnerable adolescent was taken advantage of by Dr. Brandon, who seemingly uses the advancements of science to justify his lack of concern for ethics. I also believe that an underlying problem of Tony's aggression is his inability to accept others opinions. He frequently opposes authority, which suggests that he isn't ready to advance his maturity. This point is explained by Adam Harvey in his short post that can be read here. Tony's immaturity can be compared to Little Red Riding Hood's in the short story about a naive, young and beautiful girl who ultimately trusts the wrong person. The cases of both little red riding hood and Tony intersect at the point of adolescent struggles and the attempt to figure out how to assimilate and/or advance to a more mature and adult-like state. Whatever the case may be, I believe that there are underlying influences that explain Tony’s actions and aggression.  


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