The Cramps is an American Rock and Roll Band from New York City, that started out around 1975 with their brand of music from wailing sounds to blues riffs that are projected throughout most of their music. The band consisted of Front man, Lux Interior, also known as Erick Purkhiser , and lead guitarist, Poison Ivy, also known as Jayne Mansfield, who have been bringing this avant garde 60’s style of rock and roll that has been brought to the world( Deming, Mark).  The band also consisted of rhythm guitarist Greg Beckerleg, and drummer Miriam Linna who helped in completing the sound of this band which brought its own original sound to the punk scene.

Many parts of their sound have been attributed to many songs over the years when they were active, and one  of the many songs they made with their sound was the piece entitled, “ I was a Teenage Werewolf” which is inspired from the movie of the same title. They use their blues like guitar and drum riffs and primal screams to encompass the wailing and howling of the wolf that is presented throughout the song.  In some instances the singer, Lux, performs these primal scream through inserting the microphone into his mouth which brings about an interesting timbre that can be considered as a primal scream, and also very wolf like.

The lyrics even mention the story of a frustrated teenager who has to go through the trouble of dealing with his anxieties as know one helps him through it, which is a similar theme to the actual movie. Some of the lyrics mention how, “The teachers thought it was growing pains” ( even though he was hurting from his own problems of being a werewolf which is very much like in the movie they took inspiration from.

For the most part this piece shows a lot about inspiration from a movie and projects it through a musical output that is done successfully through its own unique way, through a band that has a unique style in how they perform and compose their own music.

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