Often times, stories that include Werewolves are created with an adolescent character, one who is struggling with growing up. This is clearly seen in the 1957 film, "I was a Teenage Werewolf."

Tony as an Outsider Edit

In "I was a Teenage Werewolf," the main character, named Tony, does not fit into society's expectations for him. He does not enjoy being touched, especially when he is not expecting to be touched. This disorder possesses many similarities to SAD, or "Sexual Aversion Disorder." Through the course of the film, before and after his transformation into a werewolf, Tony gets into fights with his friends and his enemies due to his discomfort being touched. As Tony is picking up his girlfriend, Arlene, for a dance Arlene's father convinces her to invite Tony inside. Once inside, Tony is interrogated, with Arlene's father asking him why he can't be more like a proper man who comes to the door to get Arlene and does not get in fights. Arlene's father's questions furthers the isolation of Tony as different. This label as an outsider, as well as him accidentally hitting Arlene, convinces him to go to Dr. Brandon, which ultimately is the cause of his demise.

Dr. Brandon Edit

Dr. Brandon knows Tony's history, and therefore believes it to be morally okay to perform his science experiment on Tony. Dr. Brandon developed a serum called scopolamine, which reverts humans to their primal instincts. In Brandon's eyes, Tony is lesser than regular humans because of his difference and difficulties he has experienced while growing up. He even goes so far as to say things such as "Do you cry over a guinea pig? This boy is a free police case. We're probably saving him from the gas chamber." and "what is one life compared to such a triumph!" It is apparent, after listening to Dr. Brandon, that he has a God Complex. Dr. Brandon continues to push Tony into isolation and being different because he wants to become the Human Race's savior.

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