Summary Edit

Let The Right One In, based on the novel by John Ajvide Lind

qvist[1], depicts Oskar, a shy, bullied 12 year-old boy who lives with his single mother in Stockholm, Sweden.

He is teased because he is different from the other students but he keeps this from his mother by making up an excuse when he comes home with a cut on his face caused by the bullies hitting him. One night, a taxi pulls up to his apartment complex brining an older man and a younger girl to the vacant apartment next door. Oskar watches his new neighbors standing in the snow and unloading their belongings from the taxi. One night as Oscar is angrily stabbing a tree with a small knife, practicing to fight back against the bullies, Eli, the younger girl, befriends him. Oskar is captivated by Eli and is intrigued by her ways such as not being bothered by the cold. As their relationship grows, Eli encourages Oskar to stand up to the bullies that have been tormenting his life. The two eventually fall in love and look after each other. During the final scenes of the movie, Oskar saves Eli from being burned by sunlight when she is asleep and Eli comes back to kill the boys who bullied Oskar at the school pool when they are holding him under water.

Oskar Edit

At the beginning of the movie, Oskar kept to himself and had very little confidence to stand up for himself when being tormented by the three bullies. The arrival of Eli was perfect timing for Oskar because he was in need of a friend and was preparing for the awaited fight back to his bullies. Eli’s advice encourages Oskar to finally stand up the bullies and he does this when the class goes ice-skating at the lake. Although a victory for Oskar, this caused a problem for him when one of the bullies’ older brothers comes to teach


Oskar a lesson, or as he said “an eye for an ear”. Eli and Oskar were both outsiders in different ways but were able to build a friendship with one another. When Oskar first discovered that Eli was a vampire, he was momentarily afraid and upset but accepted her either way. This acceptance extended when he saw her changing into a dress and saw her genitalia scar. He did not reconsider their relationship even though she was different. Throughout the movie, we got to see Oskar’s confidence grow and stand up to the bullies but also him becoming a monster.

A Different Kind of Vampire Edit

Let The Right One In depicts the vampire as a small young girl. Although she still needs to feed on blood and

Christopher lee as dracula by revenant 99-d3e7lia

does not age, Eli does not fit into the image many people have of vampires. She does not have the long fingernails, fangs, sleep in a coffin, or the red eyes that we have seen in other movies and fan art [2]. She goes against the "typical vampire". Although she does not possess the common characteristics, Eli does share other traits of vampires such as being burned by sunlight, having a sense of being different from others that are considered normal, and having the ability to fly, something we saw when she was at the hospital. A new trait in Eli that I have not seen in other vampire depictions is how the cats feared her type. This could be because animals are susceptible to things that normal human beings can't sense such as the supernatural world. [3]

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