Let the Right One In           

Let the Right One In might be about a mythical creature called the vampire, but there are elements of truth and historical accuracy and theoretical context riddled throughout the film. This film is based off the novel, by the same name, by John Lindqvist. In both the film and novel, the story takes place in 1981 Stockholm and follows the short story of Oskar and Eli, human and vampire children respectively. Despite the elements of supernatural, there are still conscious and subconscious mentions to the times during 1981 Stockholm in both works, such as the acidification of the environment in the area. There was major concern of acid rain falling on the ground and destroying the surrounding lands in Europe and Scandinavia, which author Lindqvist could have used to attribute to the bleak setting in Stockholm for his story. Even though the majority of the film takes place during the winter, there is still an extra level of bleakness to the lands that is unnatural even in winter time in Stockholm (1).  This could be an intentional or unintentional note to the times, but it does tie in to the bleak atmosphere and lands in Dracula (1992) where once Jonathan gets past the forest and closer to Dracula’s castle, the land becomes bleaker and sparser, as though the vampires in both stories suck more than just blood from humans, but life from the lands themselves (2).

            There are more instances of historical background outside of the elemental aspects portrayed in the film, such as that of the title, which references back to an older vampiric folklore that the vampire had to be invited into a human’s dwelling in order to gain access to the building (A, B). Despite this being an older folklore surrounding vampires, it does not mean the stereotype fell out of lore. This work and many others written within even the last couple decades have incorporated this aspect into their storytelling as well, bringing the sexualized being back into the original form, going back to the original supernatural, more evil being that vampires once were ( C ).

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