“Let the Right One In” is a Swedish film made in 2008 that highlights an outcast and a vampire. The outcast is a twelve year old boy named Oskar.

Oskar has a peculiar personality that automatically labels him as an outsider. He is very interested in crime events and knows details about the subject that others would find uncomfortable to read. In the beginning, there was a scene that revealed this part of Oskar’s personality where an officer came to his class. This officer asked a question about a recent arson and Oskar knew the answer, when it was probably a rhetorical question. The officer confirmed Oskar’s role as the odd one in the class by wondering out loud how he knew that answer, laughing about it with the teacher. Oskar also is a loner and has no one to back him up at school. He is bullied by a couple other guys in his class which doesn’t help his self-confidence. His character is perfect for an eventual friendship with a vampire.

Eli is a twelve year old girl that has been living as a vampire for a while. She comes into the picture when she moves in to Oskar’s apartment complex with an adult friend. It wasn’t clear how this man was tied to her, but he tries in the beginning to do the dirty work of finding blood for Eli to drink. When he ultimately fails, he offers himself for her to drink. (Probably so that he wouldn’t be punished for his attempts of murdering locals.) Eli shows throughout the movie that she has supernatural powers such as flying, ability to withstand freezing temperatures, and great strength. Her weakness seems to be sunlight, where one of the characters she infects bursts into flames with contact. Rather than creating Eli as a villain, she is humanized during the film and connects with Oskar. She becomes his friend and gives him the courage to stand up to his bullies.

Oskar and Eli protect each other and form a relationship that ends up being more than platonic. When Eli’s victims get too close to home, she has to leave town but not before she kills the bullies tormenting Oskar.

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