"Lil' Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs Music Video:

This song was made in 1966 performed by the group Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

In the music video there was the famous cartoon character Betty Boop (created by Max Fleschier) she made an appearance in the music video as Little Red Riding Hood. Then there is the classic big bad wolf in the music video that wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood and pretends to be her grandmother. Betty Boop is a good choice for the leading lady as you can say in the music video because she is the beauty and sex symbol of all cartoons. The music video goes in between the band  singing and playing instruments to the happy and cheerful crowd back to the cartoon clips. As there is a big bad wolf following “Little Red Riding Hood” (Betty Boop) there is another big stander (the dog, Bimbo) shows concern and wants to help out and save Betty Boop from the big bad wolf. The wolf has hunger in his eyes and is salivating and rubbing together a knife and fork. He is ready to eat Betty Boop.  The bystander sees and puts a stop to it. The dog jumps in and stops the wolf from eating Betty Boop, the dog skins the wolf and puts on the wolf skin to play out the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood showing up to give the basket to the grandmother which is actually the wolf ( Betty Bop is concerned with the appearance of the grandmother and is scared but not too longer after the skin falls off the dog, Bimbo, and reveals the nice dog in which they actually having a loving relationship already built. The ending is showing them kissing and happy being swung on the moon by the trees.

History of Betty Boop in Illustrations Edit

Betty Boop was created in 1930 and was originally drawn as a Jazz flapper with the body of an adult woman and the face of a child. The character of Betty Boop was originally based on a caricature of the actress Helen Kane (Wikipedia, Betty Boop). Betty Boop was seen through out the 20th Century, mostly as a jazz flapper, such as in the video 'Lil' Red Riding Hood' by Same the Sham & The Pharaohs. In the music video, she is seen in her tradition flapper dress, garter and heels rather than the red cloak and hood that Red Riding Hood wears.

Analyzation of "Lil' Red Riding Hood" Edit

The music video, being made in 1966, Betty Boop is seen in her tradition flapper dress, garter and heels rather than the red cloak and hood that Red Riding Hood wears. This could give the idea of sexual fantasies behind the grim folk tale. Betty Boop, being a sexualize cartoon, could represent Little Red Riding Hood as a woman walking down a not-so-safe path home at night after having fun (whether it be going out or a girls night, etc.). The wolf could represent a person (particularly male in the 1960's) with intentions to hard the young woman. Bimbo, her canine companion, could represent the 'hero' in this situation, taking out the big bad wolf in hopes of saving the girl at the end of the trip (when reaching home or in the case, her grandmother's house). Throughout the video, the wolf is seen to try and make an advance on the girl when he starts to salivate over her (similar to how men gawk at beautiful women) but is quickly stopped by Bimbo. In order for Bimbo to not be seen, he takes the clothing of the wolf and disguises himself as the wolf (such as a male trying to act like a specific type of guy to ultimately get the girl in the end). When Lil' Red reaches her grandmother's house, Bimbo (now in the wolf's skin) is there to 'greet' her but only to show that he is not like the wolf, thus taking off the skin and hugging/kissing Betty Boop.

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