There have been many renditions of the infamous “Little Red Riding Hood”.  “Little Red Hat” is one of the earlier renditions originating from Italy and Austria. The story starts with a little girl named Little Red Hat that has to bring her grandmother some soup. She meets an ogre along the way that asks her where she is going and how she is getting there. Of course, Little Red Hat tells the ogre her plans not aware of possible consequences. The ogre beats Little Red Hat to her grandmother’s house and proceeds to kill the grandmother. He then tied the grandmother’s intestines on the door, put her teeth, jaw, and blood in the cupboard, and hid in her bed to wait for Little Red Hat.

When Little Red Hat reached the house, the ogre gave her instructions on what to do. Little Red Hat ended up eating the parts of her grandmother in the cupboard despite knowing that the parts looked different than her usual snacks. She trusted the ogre completely thinking it was her grandmother. The ogre called her to the bed and the famous lines ensued: “Grandmother, you have such a big mouth!” “That comes from eating children!”. Little Red Hat was eaten by the ogre. (Little Red Hat)

This folktale seemed to be a warning for maturing girls of that time. Other stories like “Little Red Hood” had the same lesson (Little Red Hood). The main character of “Little Red Hat” was an independent girl but didn’t seem to know the dangers of talking to strangers. Girls especially need to be wary of men. The ogre took advantage of Little Red Hat in a way similar to guys in vans asking girls if they want candy. It seemed like this folktale warned women that if they told random people their exact whereabouts, it will not end up well. This lesson is applicable today. It will never be wise to share personal information with an untrusted source.


“Little Red Hat”

“Little Red Hood”

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