Summary Edit

The folk tale, “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault [1], portrays a young girl on a journey to deliver a cake and a pot of butter to her sick grandmother who lived in another village. On her way to her

grandmother’s house, the young girl meets a wolf that had every intention to eat her but decided not to because there were nearby woodcutters. The wolf was quick on his feet and asked the girl where she was going to deliver the cake and butter. Instead of questioning the wolf, the young girl tells him about her journey and the location of her grandmother’s house. To get to the grandmother’s house without the young girl, he tells her that they will both go but will take different routes to see which way is faster, knowing that he will beat her there.   Once the two depart going on separate routes, the young girl becomes distracted by collecting nuts, chasing butterflies, and picking flowers to create a bouquet. The wolf gets to the house first and eats his first meal in a couple days, the young girl’s grandmother. Finally arriving to the house, the young girl is tricked once again by the wolf and does not realize that the wolf is pretending to be her late grandmother even after noticing the odd characteristics such as the wolf’s big legs and big teeth. Her naivety resulted in the wolf eating her grandmother and herself. [2]

The Moral of the Story Edit

At the end of the story, Charles Perrault [3] discusses the moral of the story. He says that attractive young children should not talk to strangers because if they do a wolf will eat them. These wolves are often come off as charming, quite, polite and nice but those are the most dangerous wolves. This is evident in real life experiences because there are countless people like the wolf that will take advantage of people and their ability to trust strangers. As you grow up, you become less trusting of strangers than you were when you were a child. Unfortunately, as you grow up you become aware to the negative characteristics of people and that you cannot trust everyone that you meet. Not everyone will have pure intentions and that is something you cannot ignore. This story, including others, portrays young children who are too willing to trust a stranger, which leads to a bad situation. The wolf manipulated this young girl’s and in real life, many people will encounter people just like the wolf. It is an interesting tale that teaches a great moral to be cautious and know that others are not as nice as they initially appear.

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