Everyone has heard of the classic story of little red riding hood. A young girl wearing a red hood and cape is sent out into the forest by her mother to take some goodies to her grandmother. Along the way she encounters a stranger, a wolf, in the woods. Being the innocent child she is she tells the wolf where she is headed. The wolf runs ahead to her grandmother's consuming her and waiting for the little girl to arrive so he can eat her as well. He disguises himself as the little girls grandmother and gets in bed. When the little girl arrives she notes that the wolf doesn't appear the way her grandmother does in many aspects but still gets into the bed with the wolf. Ultimately the wolf eats her as well. There are some newer versions in which a nearby hunter hears the screams of the little girl and comes and guts the wolf saving the little girl but Charles Perrault's version intentionally leaves that out.

The Moral Edit

The moral of this story is clearly described at the bottom of the piece as "Children, especially attractive, well bred young ladies, should never talk to strangers, for if they should do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf." The wolf in this story can be seen as a metaphor for many of the dangers in this world. In the instance of children the wolf may be a pedophile attempting to attain the trust of a young child to lure him/her into his grasp. Another example would be the wolf being a thief gaining information in order to rob someone. It is important to remember to be wary of strangers.

Werewolf Imagery Edit

The use of a werewolf in this tale is not to go unnoticed. It is being used as an evil character. The reader of the story feels absolutely no sympathy for the werewolf. This is similar to the earlier tales of vampires such as the vampire in the movie "Nosferatu" by , where the vampire is purely evil with only a desire to murder for self pleasure. Eventually the vampire imagery became less predatory and more sympathetic as did the werewolf imagery such as in the movie "Twilight" where the werewolf character has love interests.

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