Little Red Ridding Hood Edit

"Little Red Ridding Hood" is a popular folk tale by Charles Perrault. In this folk tale there is a beautiful young girl who is going to visit her ill grandmother and give her some cake and a pot of butter. On her way to her grandmothers house she runs into a wolf in the woods. The wolf asks her where she is going and the little girl tells the wolf that she is going to her grandmothers house. The wolf says that he will go to her grandmothers house as well, and the two go separate ways. The wolf beats the little girl to her grandmothers house and goes inside and eats the grandmother up. When the little girl arrives at the grandmother house the wolf is in the grandmothers bed pretending to be her. The wolf tells the little girl to come in and climb into bed with him. He then eats the little girl up. At the end of the folk tale there is a moral of the story. The moral is basically attractive pretty girls should not talk to strange or dangerous men.

Little Red Hat Edit

"Little Red Hat" is an Italian/Austrian folk tale. In this folk tale a little girl named Little Red Hat is told by her grandmother to bring her soup. On the way to bringing the grandmother soup, Little Red Hat runs into an ogre. The ogre asks the little girl where she is going and invites himself along. They go separate ways to the grandmothers house and the ogre beats the little girl there. When the ogre gets there he eats the grandmother and puts her intestines outside on the door and her teeth, blood, and jaws in the kitchen and climbed into her bed. When the little girl got to the house the Ogre told her to come in. The little girl says she is hungry and thirsty and the Ogre tells her the eat the teeth saying that it is rice, drink the blood saying it is wine, and eat the jaws saying it is meat. After the little girl ate parts of her grandmother the Ogre told her to climb into bed with him. Once she was in bed he swallowed her up.

Comparison of the two tales Edit

These two tales have many similarities. First off, both of the names of the two folk tale are very similar. Secondly, they both involve a little girl, a grandmother, and a bad character. Also in each story the "bad character" kills the grandmother and the little girl. The two major differences between the two stories is that one invovles a wolf and one involves an ogre. Also "Little Red Hat" is more gruesome and detailed on the death of the grandmother and making the little girl unknowingly eat parts of her grandmother. Of course out of the two, "Little Red Ridding Hood" is the more popular one heard in the United States where "Little Red Hat" must be more popular in Itlay and Austria and other parts of Europe.

Sources Edit

Little Red Ridding Hood

Little Red Hat

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