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Fritz Leiber’s story, “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes” was definitely about lust and sexuality. The main character, an unnamed photographer, has the chance to photograph a mysterious woman with striking eyes. Throughout the story, the photographer opens up to the secretive girl, telling her details about his life and ambitions. However, he knows nothing about her: her name, where she came from, or a phone number.


This air of elusiveness is what draws her victims in [3]. “The Girl” warns the photographer not to follow her when she leaves and he respects this for a while. He has his suspicions and decides to follow her in the end. He discovers that she used her sex appeal to have photographs taken and plastered on billboards by sponsors so that she can lure men to their deaths. “The Girl” seemed to have the power to be exactly what the men were looking for and it was a “crazy dream had come to life” when she appeared in front of them [1]. The photographer cannot help himself one day and wanted to have a blissful time with “The Girl” although she make him feel dizzy. He ends up running away because he realized that she was a predator. Finally, by remaining somewhat anonymous, “The Girl” can continue to feed on unsuspecting men without being caught, even after the main character discovers her secret—she drains the life force out of people. 

Analysis Edit

Not much is known about “The Girl”. She is described as thin and gaunt with dark hair and has “the hungriest eyes in the world…a hunger [within her eyes] that’s all sex and something more than sex” [2]. This could mean that her eyes sparked lust in her onlookers. She was dressed in dark clothing—a black dress, black pumps and grey coat—and she did not complain or talk much when she was photographed [4]. This exemplifies that she dressed simply but was able to capture attention. The eyes were the most striking part to the photographer and perhaps to his sponsors as well. This was the point of "The Girl's" eyes, they made her special enough to become a model for different companies, thus giving her an advantage in spreading her image. The photographer felt dizzy near “the Girl” and he eventually lusted after her to the point that he was willing to risk death to spend time with her outside of work. He eventually sees "The Girl" for who she is, someone who takes from others such as the stories that he told, his time, and eventually his life. “The Girl” has great sex appeal because she is a symbol of what her victims want but cannot have, or else they will die [5]. 

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