"The Girl with the Hungry Eyes" Edit

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In this tale the narrator discusses his story of "The Girl". Throughout the whole tale the narrator not once provides us with the name of this elusive girl, he himself does not even know it. He was a poor photographer who's photos were not very well liked. One day "The Girl" walked into his office and asked to be his model. He took a few shots, but saw nothing special. However the next day he decided anyways to include "The Girls" pictures in the portfolio he was showing potential clients. Every single client was imedtialey stuck by "he Girls" pictures and wanted to hire them both right away. The narrator was ecstatic by this

news until he realized he had no way to contact the girl. After days of searching for her, she finally shows up to his stuido. She agreed to do the work, but insisted that he would be the only person to ever see her. The photos of the girl were an instant hit and she became an advertising star, earning the narrator a lot of money.

One day Papa Munsch, one of their clients, showed up unexpectedly at the studio proclaiming he had to meet "The Girl". Before the girl even entered she sensed Papa Munsch presence in the room, and yelled that he leave right now or she would never take another picture for him again. After that event the narrator started to hit on the girl. Even after being shut down by her he still attempted to flirt with her. He told her everything about his life to no avail.

Being so struck by her he decides to follow her after work one day. He followed her to a store where he watched her flirt and get in a cap with a random man. The next day he followed her again. He watched her get a car with another random man. The next day he saw that same mans face in the newspaper. He had passed away and his death was considered "uncertain", just like the other deaths that had been occurring recently. The day that followed the narrator decided that he would grab the girl after work. When he grabbed her arm, she didn't act surprised. They walked through a park where they started to commit in sexual acts. However he suddnely got up and ran away from the girl .The next day he closed up his studio and never saw the girl in the flesh again. The reasons for him running away from the girl were because he finally realized that she was a vampire, a consumer of souls, and that she would kill him.

Analysis Edit

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"The Girl with the Hungry Eyes" gives insight into many different themes. First the authors way of portraying the girl is different. He does not make her have one of the most common vampire traits, the desire and need for blood, like portrayed in common vampire works such as "Dracula" and "Twilight". He decided to portray the girl has the sex-driven, controller of men female vampire. There have been Vampire works done previously that challenged the classical role of the perfect "victorian women" liked discussed in Holly Furneaux article "Victorian Sexualizes, by representing women as these crazed sexual monsters, like the many female characters in Bram Stokers Dracula. And where in "The Girl with the Hungry Eyes" the girl is portrayed as being secretive, strong, and sexual the male narrator in the story falls pray to his sexual desires for her and can be seen as weak, depressing, and unappealing This story not only challenges the more classical ways we think of vampires, but also challenges the stereotypical roles we usually associate with men and women.

Sources: Edit

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