The Transfer” (1912) By Algernon Blackwood


This is a short “Edwardian fashion” story by Algernon Blackwood called, “The Transfer”. Initially when skimming this story, I believed it to be about a werewolf transforming or someone being turned into a vampire, but it’s actually content thoroughly intrigued me. Blackwood was focused on the more general idea of the term “Vampire”. He used the term and applied it efficiently to the concept of clairvoyance as well as the importance of life in everything and everywhere. Throughout the story, it becomes clear that Mr. Frene (the Human-Vampire) has no intention of evil acts upon others by sucking the life from their presence in order to help himself survive. And on addition, he is subconsciously deriving the life from others just by being in their presence or even a town over could feel the dark pull that was constantly unexplained or overlooked by the people in the town.

Mr. Frene or “Uncle Frank” had been known as a gently and nice man, but also he is someone know to be a draining life force for any human beings near him at all. Blackwood very efficiently examined the “bigger pictures” of the knowledge of vampires, by moving past the typical blood-sucking fashion, to the general idea of taking life from one, to benefit yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed this reading for the fact that it has a deeper meaning about the fact that we all, even if very different from one another, have a strong connection to the earth and nature that overrules almost everything. Whether that force is merely conscious or not, this story brings across this point beautifully. He is said to be kind and gently, but everyone around claimed that after in his presence they felt drained of your ideas, strength, words, thoughts, and ended up completely devitalizing you of life. Although, unlike many typical vampires, Mr. Frene was not have known to kill anyone, although his nephew, Jaime has suspicions and ultimately helped lead to his demise the earth has long been craving for. In conclusion, this story brings across many of the factors that make up Vampirism and stories as such. But, as seen in the bigger picture, this story it brings across the connection that any form of live has to the earth and nature itself.


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