30 Days of Night
is a noted three-issue comic book miniseries by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith. Other issues followed and eventually two motion pictures as well as two series of video shorts were produced based on the comic books.


The Arctic town of Barrow, Alaska, is situated so far north that the sun sets for thirty days of the year in the depths of winter. One year when the sun sets, predatory vampires led by Marlowe have the advantage: thirty days of uninterrupted feeding on their human prey.

Vincente, leader of the vampires, is appalled that Marlowe revealed their kind to the human race and he swiftly travels to Barrow in an attempt to kill all human survivors, a decision which pits him against the town Sheriff, Eben Oleson.

Vampirism in 30 Days of NightEdit

The vampirism in 30 Days of Night is a virus spread by the slightest contact with vampire blood. The vampires have superhuman senses, but these senses are dulled by the cold. They are more resilient than most fictional vampires and can only be killed by beheading and ultraviolet light. Even then, they can be regenerated if blood hits their ashes.

"Nosferatu" or vampire society was formerly led by a Council of Elders but most vampires have been exterminated by human hunters before the events of the main series.

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