A Character Analysis of Dr. Robert Morgan Edit


The Italian-American film The Last Man on Earth directed by Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow explores the depths of human isolation, along with the supernatural fear of a worldwide epidemic. Released in 1964, it cultivated viewers and filled them full of fright and terror, along with the thrill that comes with the question, “Do you dare imagine what it would be like to be …the last man on earth …or the last woman?” Starring Vincent Price as Dr. Robert Morgan, he carefully spends every day doing the same thing—he wakes up, makes his wooden stakes, and begins his day. Using a map, he has been trying his best to eradicate the world of these infected vampires, alone. Although it may be seen as an exercise in futility, the madness he has endured has apparently taken a toll on his mental state, and this therefore seems like an excellent and the clearest plan. For starters, he lost both his wife and only daughter to this disease. His daughter was showing the symptoms of the vampirism—the pain and sickness came first, followed by the blindness, then a death like state. She was then taken away from Dr. Morgan, and thrown in a fiery pit. His wife had the same symptoms, and he choose to bury her. She then rose form the dead to traumatize him. Price’s character had to go through a lot, and made a decent situation of a bad one. He appeared to be living fairly well, with a house turned fortress that includes a garlic


draped door, boarded windows, and mirrors on the entrances. At the end of the movie, after finding out he is the only person that can possibly cure the disease, he is tracked down and killed by a group of vampires turned normal due to a temporary cure.

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