The film Martin follows a young man who believes he is a vampire as he drugs women then proceeds to rape and drink their blood. Martin believes he has trouble with women therefore he feels as though the only way to seduce a woman is if there are unconscious. It is impossible to tell if his visions of being chased by a mob and having vampire sexual relations with women are real or fake. When he attacks his victims, he tells them not to be scared and just to fall asleep, as he understands that these women are scared. Martin goes to a radio DJ to get advice on women and explains that he does not know how to have sex with women who are awake. This character of Martin is different than any other vampire related movies because he is shown as an insecure man who can only seduce women through the use of drugs rather than magical powers. For example, Bram Stokers Dracula, illustrates the vampire with having an ability to charm women through his eyes and the way he speaks. As Martin becomes interested in the lonely housewife, Mrs. Santini, he proceeds to become uninterested in other women and eventually begins to kill men. Mrs. Santini is the first woman that Martin has seduced who has been awake rather than drugged. It is interesting that Martin chooses to drug women through the use drugs because that is not the traditional version of a vampire. Martin understands the phenomenon of a vampire as he puts on a vampire costume and pretends to attack his granduncle. The granduncle believes that Martin is actually a vampire as he is frightened when he spots Martin in the park wearing the costume. This character of a vampire is portrayed differently because vampires are shown as these creatures that live in a coffin and have fangs whereas Martin is shown as a normal man with none of these characteristics besides the love for blood.

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