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Anton Gorodetsky is a young man that wants to get his wife back. He was ready to try anything to get love of his life back even if that meant killing a unborn baby. After seeing a witch about making this happen Anton instantly regrets the decision he had made. Years pass and Anton works for Night Watch, where he protects people from the dark side. He comes across a young boy that has heard “the call” from two vampires who intends to feed on him. Anton from the beginning portrays a character trying to find himself and seems to be a bit lost at times. After coming into contact with Yegor, Anton had an instant connection to the young boy. He feels he needs to protect him from the vampires even after Anton is pretty torn up after a battle with the two vampires. Yegor also has this contacting with Anton, he feels trust in Anton and being able to protect him from the vampires.

After going to Yegor house, Anton sees a picture of his ex wife and Yegor together. This is when Anton begins to realize Yegor could be his son. After Anton comfires Yegor is his son, he has regret of what he had tried to make happen to Yegor twelve years ago and feels bad for wishing death upon him. Anton hoped to make a relationship with his son but that was soon taken away after Zavulon's assistant reads Anton's personal file aloud. Yegor hears how Anton wanted him dead before he was born. Yegor is hurt and chooses to be apart of the Day Watch (Dark side).

Watchr 007

I felt Anton is a character that has huge guilt about his past. Even before he knew Yegor was his son, It was still very protective of Yegor. I think after finding out Yegor was his son, Anton had more guilt about trying to have Yegor killed before he was even born. Anton is a good man, he has a past that has come out to hurt him but he would do anything to take back trying to hurt his son Yegor.

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