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In this movie the writers take a unique and different approach where a man is half vampire half human. The way that they made this happen was a woman who is about to give birth was bitten by a vampire in the poison had entered the child but didn't turn them into a complete vampire making him   Almost superhuman and still not having the negative effect of being a demonic vampire towards the beginning of the movie a woman drags her victim into a club and exclusive club that she says. When the man gets in there it's a hot and dirty party  he begins to notice that the rave so to speak, is actually dangerous and it means that he is in fact the victim, rather the pray.  The first sign that this was a dangerous environment was when I drop of blood landed on top of the victim he started to become weary and all of the sudden rain began  pouring from the building sprinkler system.

Analysis Edit

Blade in the movie ironically was a hematologist. Which meant that he analyzed blood for a living person who bit his mother was in fact a man  known as Quinn.  This is ironic because blade in the beginning of the movie decided not to kill Quinn, who turned out to be the vampire to bit his mother in the first place, but rather set him on fire to get answers as to where deacon frost the leader of this vampire group was located. Once the authorities made it to the scene he had to leave.   The funny part about the end of the movie one blade reconnected with his enemy Quinn the birth giver of his vampire mother, Quinn talked about wanting to make things even between himself and blade and lunged towards him only to have him self become decapitated by blade,  from his blade in a span of 10 seconds.

Blade 1998 - 1

Another unique aspect of this film was the use of an apprentice to vampires which they call it familiar. The reason this is unique is because vampires in general folklore are creatures of independence.  Since blade was not considered a vampire or a human the vampires called him the day walker because he had the strength of a vampire but could also walk in the daylight therefore he was not a pure blood which was an elder vampire or a bitten vampire.  Even the blade is a human he still has to get his strength from blood and so in a pinch blade had to bite a doctor that he met in the beginning of the movie called Dr. Karen Jensen in order to regain his strength.  In the end when blade finally find frost who is now super charged,  and wielding a sword, he finally defeated him by cutting off his left arm then cutting them in half. Only to have him come back together by his blood and then regrow His arm with his blood.  After that there is a series of hits were blade was getting beaten only to finally killed a vampire later by,  injecting him with a bunch of files of the serum that was designed to kill vampires.  This finally did the trick and killed deacon frost once and for all! 

Outside Sources Edit

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