Traditionally, vampires have encompassed specific traits and characteristics. Vampires have always sucked blood, killed innocents, and feared the sun…until Blade. Blade is a “daywalker,” someone who is half-human, half-vampire. His mother was bitten while she was pregnant, causing Blade to possess the benefits of a vampire while not being restrained by their weaknesses.

Blade vamp

Blade is a new type of vampire. Having been born half-vampire, Blade has immense strength and heightened senses. However, Blade can be in direct sunlight without being harmed.  In a sense, Blade is and isn’t a vampire, making him a sort of anti-hero. Vampires usually carry a negative connotation and historically have been the antagonist in tales and folklore. In stories such as “Death at a Wedding” and “The Vampire,” vampires have been vile, evil beings. Blade however, contrasts strongly with the traditional vampire. He possesses the negative (or positive) aspects of a vampire but is a protagonist because of his half-human side. Having believed that his mother was killed by a vampire, Blade is on a campaign to wipe them off the face of the Earth. He hates vampires and hates the part of him that is a vampire, which is why he takes a serum to repress his hunger for human blood. He denies part of his own self and any relation to that half. In contrast with the typical vampire, Blade upholds himself to a set of righteous morals. He slays the vampire tyrants that have burrowed themselves in politics, real-estate, and the police force. This conjures a new point of view on vampires. A vampire that is not controlled by their desire to kill and drink blood, Blade is not driven by malice but a desire to enact revenge on the evil vampires.

Balde 2

Blade is an outsider who encompasses the definition of “othering.” Blade is a textbook example of an “other.” He is unique in the world and does not belong to any group. Humans view him as “not one of them” because he has the enhanced physical abilities of a vampire and similarly, vampires do not accept him because of his half-human side. He belongs to neither group and is seen as lesser. Humans view him as an unexplainable anomaly and fear him. This is seen in the hospital when the police fire their weapons at Blade then freeze up when he is not hurt. Humankind fears things they cannot explain and react by trying to get rid of it. On the other hand, the vampires view Blade as not only a nuisance, but merely as a tool. Blade is just an object Frost needs to summon the “blood-god” so he can rule the world. Frost sees Blade as just another piece of the puzzle to supreme power that Blade is trying to destroy. It is in this way that Blade is an outsider who is unique in his own group. He is a new derivation of the term “vampire.”


Blade (1998)

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