In the movie Blade (1998), Blade breaks the stereotype of vampires being viewed as evil demonic creatures. Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire before giving birth to him. This resulted in Blade gaining a special gift and he became half vampire half mortal human. Although not full vampire, he possesses all the powers of one along with human abilities. The human side of him allows him to be immune to all weaknesses a regular vampire has, like immunity to garlic and silver. Because he has vampire characteristics he does have a thirst for human blood, however he takes a serum that helps suppress this thirst and therefore helps humans instead of feeding on them. This side of him is shown when he saves the doctor and befriends her. Because of this friendship she ends up helping him and finding a cure for vampirism. Whistler is another example, being human and having a vendetta against vampires he is a team with Blade in hunting them. These examples also breaks the misconception that humans and vampires cannot coexist let alone be friends.


Blade and Karen (doctor)

Instead of using his mutated vampire abilities to his advantage to do evil, he uses it to do good. He is on a mission to eradicate the world of the vampire race and therefore known as a vampire hunter. For centuries vampires have been known to be harmful and only view humans as food to survive on. In fact, all of the vampires in this movie have sardonic characteristics and feed/kill humans. At one point Frost even refers to humans as cattle, showing that vampires only see them as a food source and the lesser species. As the movie goes on, it is reviled that that the human race is endangered and Blade’s blood is the key to its undoing. Blade, having the opposite character of the typical vampire, attempts to save the humans in danger even if his own life is at risk. This once again shows that Blade’s character gives rise to a new view on vampires and breaks the conception of what a typical vampire is.

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