Blade Synopsis

In the 1998 movie Blade directed by Stephen Norrington, we see a half mortal, half immortal, character played by Wesley Snipes that is out to avenge his mother’s death. When Blade’s mother was giving birth to him, she had also just been bitten by a vampire, causing Blade’s mortal and immortal blood. Blade’s mother ends up dying while giving birth, but not before Blade is C-sectioned out of her.

Blade requires a special serum that is synthesized by his partner Abraham Whistler. This serum allows him to delay becoming a vampire and having to drink human blood, however it is beginning to lose its effectiveness. Blade eventually is subdued when rescuing Karen from Deacon Frost’s penthouse, and is taken to the Temple of Eternal Night. Frost is planning on performing a ritual on Blade, and drains all of Blade’s blood, but eventually Karen allows him to drink her blood which triggers Blade’s vampirism and he is able to attack and kill Deacon Frost, along with many of his accomplices.

Blade Pic 1

The character "Blade" in action

Analysis of Blade

Blade is referred to as the “daywalker” throughout the movie, and we later find out that this is because he is half-immortal and mortal. Blade spends his life looking to avenge his mother’s death by killing and slaying as many vampires as possible. When speaking with Karen Jensen, Whistler explains that he and Blade have been waging a secret attack on the vampires using weapons that they have created. The weapons used are weapons that expose the vampire’s inherent weaknesses like sunlight exposure from UV lights and silver in the stakes that Blade stabs vampires with. Blade has the typical vampire abilities such as extreme strength and agility, the ability to regenerate health quickly, resistant to garlic and silver, and is able to walk throughout the day without losing any of his powers. The problem with Blade is that he ages as if he were a normal human.

Blade Pic 2


We see that in many of the vampire movies throughout history that when vampires touch sunlight they immediately burn up and die when the sun hits their skin, like how Dragonetti’s death went when Deacon Frost exposed him to sunlight in Blade[1]. However, in other movies such as Twilight, we see vampires like Edward who do not show any signs of skin burning when encountered with sunlight, in fact their skin just sparkles when exposed[2]. This goes against the norm for vampires, as we see in the movie with Blade that unless all of your skin is protected, you will burn until death.


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