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The film Blade starts off by showing a pregnant woman’s death. The doctors are able to save her child before she dies. The child that survives is later known as Blade, a hybrid between human and vampire.  Blade’s goal is to fight against vampires to keep humans safe. He raids a club full of vampires and opens fire on them. When the vampires are killed, they vanish to ashes. One vampire, Quinn, is left after everyone else has either been killed or fled the scene. Quinn is taken to the hospital to be examined, and while he is there he comes back to life and bites Dr. Karen Jenson. Before she dies, Blade saves her and takes her to ask for help from his mentor, Whistler. Whistler injects Dr. Karen Jenson with a combination of garlic and silver nitrate in hopes that she will recover. While this is all happening, a group of vampires led by Deacon Frost reflect on Blade’s attack. Frost wishes to have vampires take over the human race. The group of vampires are going after Blade because he has a special type of blood that can be used to summon La Magra, a vampire god that will destroy the human race. Dr. Jenson is able to create an injection that explodes when it comes in contact with vampire blood, so she gives it to Blade as a weapon. Frost successfully takes Blade as a hostage and his blood is drained. Dr. Jenson allows Blade to drink her blood to save him, and he is able to kill Frost and all his followers with the explosive injection. 

The Evolution of the Vampire Edit


Compared to other vampires, it can be seen that Blade has progressed from the original vampire. From the beginning of Slavic folklore, the traditional vampire embodied the following qualities: reanimated from a dead body, comes from the grave at night, and someone who preys on others. These qualities can be seen in various stories including: Death at the Wedding and Bucket of Blood. The creator of the film Blade takes these traditional ideas and transformed his character into a modern vampire who doesn’t prey on humans. Instead his main goal is to save them from the antagonist of the film, Deacon Frost. Blade portrays the evolution of the vampire by being half human and half vampire. He is able to resist garlic and silver as well as go out in the sunlight. But he still relates to a traditional vampire because he has a thirst for human blood. He is able to avoid this craving through a serum Whistler gives him. Similarly, Blade can be categorized with Edward Cullen and his family from Twilight. Just like Blade, the Cullens crave human blood but they are able to avoid killing humans by drinking animal blood instead. Blade and the Cullens embody the role of the modern vampire because they are able to coexist with humans without harming them. 

Sources Edit

Death at the Wedding

Bucket of Blood


Analysis of Half-Human Half-Vampire Traits Edit

In the nineteen ninety eight summer blockbuster Blade, the human and vampiric aspects of the main character Blade play an interesting aspect as the story develops. Not only do blade's vampire powers allow him to use superhuman fighting abilities in order to defeat the more powerful "pure bread" vampires. Not only do Vampires of a pure bloodline usually posses more powerful powers, but in popular culture films such as Twilight[1], they would hold an arrogant attitude over non pure vampires such as Blade in this specific film. In the image displayed below from the film Blade one can clearly observe the superior fighting style and ability that Westley Snipes portrays vampires to have. [2]


Not only do the vampiric aspects of Blade's powers provide him with a considerable advantage, but the fact that Blade is half human provides him with another type of advantage. His human emotions and traits allow him to fight for the noble and just cause of avenging the death of his mother. The human spirit which exists within all human beings allows Blade to continue the drive to avenge his mother's death. The human spirit is the thing that gets people out of bed in the morning and allows them to keep on going in life and stay committed to tasks.[1] Not only does Blade clearly exhibit many different aspects of the human spirit, but it is an obsessive dedication which proves that his non vampiric aspects are which contribute to his drive and force as a character. This combined two different aspects of Blade's own individual personality are what characterizes himself as such a force to be reckoned with in this particular film. The plot of the movie is almost entirely driven by Blade's pure force as a character and as a result one can clearly observe the sheer force that he brings to the table as a half-vampire half-human hybrid.

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