Blade is a Vampire movie for the disconnected new millennium. It takes place in modern times (1998) where a human vampire hybrid hunts vampires. In it the vampires are viewed as a disease but also control the city. This is reminiscent to the classic poem “Vampyre” except this level of control is grown into regal sophistication that can entrance the entire city.

Blade takes the original symbolism of a vampire back to the roots where an evil wizard takes the lives and the blood of innocents like we read in “Death at a wedding” or “Bucket of blood”. The vampires are still of the usual cold, evil and blood sucking variety but they are not romanticized like you would see in later lore. Like the wizards the pure bloods are calculating and do not care for humanity but understand balance and power.  

This transition from romance to disease speaks to the decay of decency in modern times. In the film the vampires are not susceptible to any religious weakness they once had but with the “Vampire Bible” they were able to summon the Blood God, eluding to the loss of religion (decency) in our generation.


The fact that vampires are seen as something to be cured sends the message that what they symbolize is wrong. In the 90’s Aids had been a scary epidemic, especially in places like New York. Vampires, often symbolizing sexual desires, have the ability in Blade to spread their disease with a single bite. This parallels many of the fears surrounding the AIDS epidemic. They even switch the method of killing vampires from a wooden stake to a silver stake. Silver nitrate sticks used to be used to cauterize wounds because it has antibiotic properties.

Blade is a relevant movie today because as we move into more crowded areas disease will run rampant and we will need a “Daywalker” to go among the sick and save the cure. 

(silver nitrate)


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