Blade[1] is an action/thriller movie about a half-human, half-vampire “daywalker” that is out to destroy


vampires, including the one who killed his mother. Blade, played by Wesley Snipes,[2] is unlike any other vampire because he does not drink human blood and does not have any of the weaknesses. He is completely immune to garlic, silver, and sunlight but still possess superhuman strength and agility.

Summary Edit

While looking for Deacon Frost, Blade confronts Quinn at an underground “bloodbath” nightclub, pins him to the wall, and leaves him to burn. Quinn is taken to the hospital, presumed to be dead, and attacks Dr. Karen Jenson while she is examining the body. Blade shows up to the hospital to finish the job of killing Quinn but finds the doctor bitten by the vampire. To prevent her from becoming one of those monsters, Blade takes her to his hideaway for her to seek treatment from Whistler. Dr. Karen Jenson is injected with a garlic and silver mixture to prevent her from turning from Quinn’s bite. Deacon Frost[3], who was turned by bite, is determined to resurrect “La Magra” by decoding hieroglyphics and the sacrifice of vampires during a ritual. Blade returns to the hideaway to find Karen taken and Whistler beaten up by Frost and his friends. Whistler tells Blade that Frost needs his blood for his ritual to work. Blade goes to the ritual and defeats Frost after the successful resurrection by injecting him with the anticoagulant serum.

Blade Edit

There are signs throughout the movie that shows Blade’s reluctance to become emotionally close to anyone

Blade II - Scud and Whistler clash

Blade and Whistler

since his mother’s death. He was alone from a young age until Whistler found him at 13 years old living on the streets. When talking to Dr. Karen Jenson about Whistler, Blade says that the two have a “good arrangement” instead of agreeing with Karen’s statement that he has a lot of love for him. He brushes off her statement by saying that Whistler makes the weapons and he uses them. Blade is unwilling to acknowledge their friendship, possibly because Whistler is dying of cancer or that he could potentially harm him if the thirst for blood becomes too strong.

Blade experiences a moment of sadness when he finds Whistler bloody and beaten up by Frost. He attempts to treat Whistler’s wounds although he knows he is dying from cancer and the attack. When Whistler tells Blade to kill him, Blade resists and says that he can treat the wounds even though he knows that it is too late for his old friend. Blade is reluctant to give Whistler his gun but ends up giving it to him because it is what needs to be done.

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