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In the 1998 film Blade, directed by Stephen Norrington, the main character, Blade, is played by Wesley Snipes. Blade is a human vampire hybrid that dedicates his life to protect the human race from vampires.

Blade the movie

The film Blade

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In the beginning of the movie, the viewer is taken to a scene showing a vampire nightclub. A character walks in, and havoc ensues. After a few short seconds, the viewer is made aware that this character is Blade. Blade kills as many vampires as possible, and when the police arrive he vanishes. It is found out later on in the film that Blade is the product of a pregnant woman who was attacked by a vampire during labor. For a majority of the film, all the viewer knows about Blade is that he fights vampires to protect humankind, but it is later revealed that Blade is also a vampire himself, with more humanistic qualities. He is a day walker, meaning that he is able to roam outside in the sun without causing himself any harm. Blade also has the strength of a vampire, but ages like a human. This means that he ages much faster than a vampire does. He is also pretty resistant to garlic and silver, adding to his human like qualities. One vampire quality that he has is that he can regenerate his health very quickly like a vampire can. [1]

Blade the character

The character, Blade

Ashley Fetters, an analyst of films, analyzed a similiar film Twilight. The article, At Its Core, the ‘Twilight’ Saga Is a Story About, analyzes different subliminal themes placed throughout the movie. Blade has a similar theme found throughout its film that was found in Twilight; the power and (powerlessness) of women. [2]

In one scene of the film Blade saves a woman, Karen Jenson, from a hospital after a vampire attacked her. After a vampire bites someone, they are at large risk for other vampires finding them because of their marking. A majority of the film shows Blade having to rescue Karen from harms way, and making sure that the vampires do not come back and attack her because she is clueless about the vampire world. In this sense, the theme that women are not powerful comes into play because Karen would not be alive if Blade were not there to watch over her. The theme that women are powerful does also show throughout this film when Blade relies on Karen for her blood to save him, and relies on her expertise of being a hematologist to help find a cure for Blades vampire tendencies. This movie has a way in which it ties in both of these concepts as it shows Karen being helpless, but also being someone that Blade can rely on for help. [3]



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