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Analysis- Blade (Film)

(WARNING: Film Spoilers Included)

The character Deacon Frost is the main antagonist in the 1998 film Blade. Deacon Frost is played by Stephen Dorff.


First introduced in the Blade Comic’s, many of his original characteristics in the film adaptation differ from the original. His on film characteristics include the following:

Decon frost stephen dorff

-Physical Characteristics:

Dark Brown Hair (In the comic it is Blonde)

Gray Eyes (Red Hue in eyes at times)


Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed

Superhumanly Senses

Regenerative Healing Factor ( Although he isn't able to regenerate missing limbs)



Hypnotism and Mind Control


The Need for Blood

Religious items (Stakes, Crosses, Holy Water)



-Deacon Frost’s Movie Plotline: (SPOILERS)

Upon watching the film Blade you come to understand that it is Frost’s character that is to blame for the existence of the half-human/half-vampire (Day-walker) that is Blade (Played by Wesley Snipes). Frost has his own motives and by any means necessary shows that he is willing to accomplish them. This includes overthrowing the leader of the House of Erebus (Pure Blood Vampires). Deacon Frost’s main objective is to awaken “La Magra” or The Blood God which would in turn wipe out the human race. He uses the remaining Pure Blood’s to carry out a ritual to resurrect the Blood God, and allows La Magra to use his body as a host. Unfortunately for him, regardless of his new transformation Blade was one step ahead of him and uses the EDTA Serum to win the battle. (SPOILER: THIS INVOLVED AN EPIC BLOODY EXPLOSION!)

Frost's death

-Fun Facts:

There was a prequel to Blade rumored to be in the works back in 2013 that focused solely on Deacon Frost’s origin and upbringing but nothing has yet emerged about this information.

Deacon Frost also exists within the Marvel Universe that became a Vampire due to a hiccup as he was experimenting on Vampires as a scientist.


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