Because of all the movies, books, and tv shows that our society has created, normally what we think of when we talk about vampire hunters are characters that hate vampires, have been wronged by them in some way, but mostly, characters that aren’t vampires themselves.

The character, Blade, from the film of the same name is a character that is the epitome of “badass”. He is a creature that is partial human, and partial vampire, but stronger than both. He was born to a mortal woman that experienced labor complications, when a doctor was summoned to help her. The doctor ended up being a vampire, who attacked her during labor. This inadvertently transferred enzymes from his own blood to the infant[1].

Blade (2)


Because of his mother’s death, Blade seeks to protect humans from vampires, and uses his strength and knowledge of the creatures to do so. Certain aspects of his half immortality/mortality serve to be vital strengths in his war against the vampire race. He is infamous among the vampire culture for his ability to walk in the sunlight, his strength, and his ferocity.

Blade is the embodiment of an outsider. He is neither here nor there- neither human nor vampire. He has but one ally in the beginning, Abraham Whistler, who assists him with weaponry. Blade also has a love interest in the first film. Other than that, his friendships are limited at best. This character is one that lives his life in secret and danger and because of that, he doesn’t really have time to meet people and make friends. He can’t be allies with vampires because they’re the enemies, and he can’t really be friends with humans because in his mind, they’re annoying and weak and yet he also needs their blood to sustain himself.

In the film, we see Blade live his life as an outsider of society and that never really changes. On some level, Blade is lonely and he seeks to find the comfort of a normal life and companionship, which is why he let himself fall for his love interest. This is the eternal struggle of an outsider. They must decide between that which makes them an outsider, and being normal, which isn’t always an option for certain characters.

One thing I liked about this film was that the love interest was a strong female character despite the testosterone fueled action sequences and dialogue. In my mind, any woman that could be with such a character as Blade would have to challenge him in some way, and this female character does just that. She doesn’t like to let him push her around even though she’s a human and he is vastly stronger than she.



This film was made in 1998 and it’s a perfect example of the themes we’ve been studying throughout this course. Themes that I’m sure most of us can identify with: being an outsider and what it means to be one, and the dynamic of sexuality within these fantastical stories. Blade is a “monster” in that he is half vampire, and yet there’s still an element of romance and sexuality in the first film. I think that in every outsider character, there is an element of mystery and perhaps even danger that appeals to the opposite sex. Examples of these would be Batman, or the character Dean from the popular TV show, Supernatural, or even Dracula in several adaptations[4]. These are characters that spend their lives in danger and fighting the forces of evil. They don’t have friends (with some exceptions) and yet within their outsider status there’s always been love interests. These romances are the most interesting to me because they aren’t typical.



I feel like there’s something to learn from these characters that we so often watch on the big screen or read about in our books: being an outsider isn’t always a  bad thing. You can choose to live your life alone in order to protect the ones you love or for whatever other reason (I feel like that’s the most common), and yes that’s a lonely existence, but it’s also an honorable one. The most interesting and heroic characters of them all are the tortured and lonely.    


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