The film Blade (1998), directed by Stephen Norrington, can be interpreted as a not so subtle critique on modern society and its hierarchical, unbalanced system. The vampires represent an upperclass, high ranking form of government, and the humans represent the rest of the society. The humans are being forced against their will to conform to this sort of society or system (represented by the vampires). In the film, is it in the form of a "bite". As seen in the case of what are called "familiars" (e.g. Officer Kreiger), many people will do any and everything in their power to a be accepted into and become a part of this society. It's a large, organized, sophisticated and wealthy society. They own offshore bank accounts and everything in their world is highly technical and modernized. It appears as if every niche of the community is in on this society. In the film specifically, we see valets, prostitutes, doormen and even the Police Department are more than aware of it. Blade makes reference to this when he says to Dr. Karen Jenson that "they've got their hand in everything - politics, finance, real estate. They already own more than half of downtown". 

Another way in which this secret society mirrors that of reality, is that the vampires have a deep, rich and extensive history. But similar to the world we live in, many parts of it are swept under the rug or are simply not taught and discussed. They share that feeling of secrecy and keeping the rest of the world uninformed. There is one point near the end of the film in which Deacon Frost (the eventual leader of this vampire society) refers to humankind by saying "look at them, they're cattle". There is a similar expression where humans are referred to as "sheep". This implies they're mindless, and are simply a herd of mammals that follow each other around and have zero individualistic qualities. Blade is the main example of an individual trying to resist this conform. In the film it is more literal, as he actually injects a specially concocted serum in order to fight his turning into a vampire. The rest of the the society (the vampires) would love for Blade to join them. They want him. But, he will not mindlessly conform. Blade decides to do what it takes to stay unique and keep his character. Metaphorically, he does this by not allowing himself to turn into a full fledged vampire. This is not only a strong theme seen throughout Blade, but also an important message that needs reminding every now and again. Keep your character. Don't conform. 


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