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The film follows a main character named Blade. At the beginning of the movie his mother who is pregnant with Blade is brought into the hospital because she had been bitten by a vampire, the doctors preform C-section on her

Blade the character

and it appears that she dies afterwards from all the bleeding. Because of his past Blade decides to protect the human race from vampires along side his friend Whistler. On one of his nights out he ends up saving a kid from a bunch of vampires and ends up fighting one of his old enemy's Quinn. After "killing" Quinn, Blade leaves Quinn and the boy behind just as the police and paramedics arrive. Unfortunately Quinn wasn't actually dead and when he is taken to the hospital he ends up attacking a nurse named Karen. Blade then returns to save the nurse and finish off Quinn but he escapes again. Later on in the movie Blade finds out that Quinn is working for a vampire named frost who he has been searching for, for a long time and so begins the war for the world.

Character Analysis[1]: Edit


Blade[2]: Blade is the main character of this movie and is considered the “daywalker” by other vampires. Blade’s mother was pregnant with him when she got bitten by a vampire. Blade was able to be saved, but his mother bled out and died before he was able to meet her. Because of his history, his goal is to protect humans from vampires. His first scene as an adult, he raids a vampire nightclub and saves a human who had not known that it was for vampires. Later on, Blade saves a woman who was bitten by another vampire, Quinn and takes her to his friend to help aid her as she is nearing death. Although Blade is a vampire, he is the protagonist as he is on the side of humans, and is overall a good person and tries his best to save people. A way he prevents himself from hurting people, is he injects himself with a chemical that makes him not crave human blood.

Karen Jenson

Karen[3]: Karen is a doctor in the hospital that Quinn was sent to when Blade attempted to kill him. At this hospital, Karen was performing an autopsy on Quinn’s “dead” body when he came back to life and began attacking Karen and her colleague. Karen manages to survive Quinn’s attack, but she was still bitten. Blade saw Karen’s dying body and took her to his friend, Whistler, to help her live. Karen wakes up at Blade’s friend’s place confused and scared until Whistler and Blade explains to her what is happening and tells her how to survive. Blade tells her to leave town since she was exposed to vampires and they will now try to kill her. She is informed that she was bitten and that she will notice symptoms of transitioning into a vampire such as being sensitive to sunlight and endless thirst. Despite Karen’s attempts to avoid being abducted by the other vampires, she still is found and gets taken. Blade later saves her.

Vampires in Blade vs. other vampires Edit

Unlike vampire in older folk tales like The Sorceress or death at a wedding, the vampires in this film can not be killed or harmed with crosses or stakes, the only way to harm or kill them is by using garlic, silver, or UV rays. These vampires have actually outsmarted there ancestors in that they have found out that by using sunblock (as corny as it may seem) they can actually walk out in daylight. They burst into flames after death and are also unique in that not all the vampires are equal in strength and powers. Only a few of them have superhuman speed, can regenerate a lot faster, and are overall superior to the rest of them. Despite all of this they are still depicted as monsters but they not only have a thirst for human blood but also a thirst to be like gods.

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