The movie Blade depicts the actions of a special kind of Vampire. Blade, the main character, is unlike any other vampire seen in folklore. Throughout the movie he uses his abilities to save human lives. Whereas most vampires’ lust for human blood drives them to kill, Blade has been able to suppress his urge for blood. He and Whistler created a serum that provided Blade with the necessary blood for his urges while allowing him to refrain from taking human life. Blade is also able to come in direct contact with sunlight. It seems that his unusual birth is to blame for this. His mother had been bitten while she was pregnant with Blade. He was born while his mother was in the process of turning into a vampire. This caused Blade to have the extreme physical abilities of a vampire without any setbacks; he doesn’t have an insatiable need for blood and he can withstand sunlight. Blade’s unique situation gave him the opportunity to be a new kind of vampire: a hero.

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While vampires have been portrayed as protagonists none have gone as far to save human life as Blade. He decided that he wouldn’t let his vampirism make him a villain. Instead, he went in search of vampires all over the world. He tried to save humans from the unfortunate fate he had succumbed to. This is seen in Twilight but in Twilight Edward only saves Bella due to his affection for her. Edward isn’t on a mission to kill all vampires like Blade. Blade’s portrayal of a hero is a novel occurrence in the depiction of Vampires in pop culture. With his abilities as a day walker, Blade was able to kill several vampires that would have taken countless human lives. Blade was destined to be a murderous villain but instead he became something few vampires are, a hero.


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