When Blade was introduced in 1998, he was a unique character unlike anything we had ever really seen before. We see him as this man dressed in all black with a lot of swords and knives and he is definitely mysterious. The audience soon learns that Blade is half-human, half-vampire, and this totally throws everything in a twist. We are used to films like Nosferatu the Vampyre, where the vampire is the antagonist and is terrifying to look at, now in this film, he is the main character (Nosferatu the Vampyre, 1979). Turns out, Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant with Blade. In turn, Blade becomes half-vampire and his mother ends up dying (Blade, 1998).  With the happening of becoming half-vampire, he gets to have some special abilities that really play a crucial role in the movie. For example, Blade is immune to garlic, silver, and sunlight; all things that usually kill vampires. This gives him an advantage because he can use these things and wield them against vampires that he faces.

Since vampires killed his mother, he sets out on a journey to kill every last vampire. His mission is to avenge his mother’s death and he feels that he can only do this by wiping out every vampire on Earth. He is feared all over because people have heard the stories of all the vampires he killed, and the special abilities he has. (Blade, 1998). Blade is definitely an intense, serious character. He does evolve and adapt as the story goes further and further, though. We get to see Blade’s unique relationship with Whistler. Whistler basically took him in and raised him as a son, and you can see in the movie that Blade deeply cares for the man. Also, you see Blade start to develop a sense of caring for Karen as well (Blade, 1998). It shows that he is a dynamic character that can be stone-cold and heartless to some, but caring and protective to others.

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