The film “Blade” is a story about a half man and half vampire named Blade who hunts vampires. In the first iteration of this trilogy Blade deals with two main villains, Quinn and his leader Deacon Frost. Blade first encounters Quinn in the opening scene of the movie, when Blade attacks a vampire night club ran by Quinn and Frost. Blade leaves Quinn alive in this attack to send a message to Frost. Quinn’s assumed dead body is brought to a morgue where he attacks Dr. Karen Jenson, whom Blade rescues. Karen would become one of Blade’s closest confidants. Quinn flees the morgue and is later seen in a meeting with his boss Frost along with several elder vampires. In this meeting the elders discuss Frost’s recklessness with his nightclubs, the elders think that humans and vampires should co-exist. Frost however believes that vampires should rule humans. While this is happening Blade introduces Karen to his mentor, Abraham Whistler. This is also when Karen discovers she could become a vampire, because she was bit by Quinn. With this knowledge, Karen begins developing a cure. Shortly after this scene, Karen is attacked in her apartment by a familiar, a human who serves vampires. Blade rescues Karen yet again and follows the familiar back to another nightclub ran by Frost. Here Blade learns of Frost’s plan to become more powerful by resurrecting the vampire god La Magra. Blade tries to learn more in a library but is ambushed, narrowly escaping with the help of Whistler. Shortly after this Frost abducts Karen from Blade’s lair and beats Whistler badly, upon his return Blade find Whistler. He helps Whistler kill himself by giving him a gun, and vows to avenge him. Frost later kills the vampire elder Dragonetti and takes the other council members as sacrifice for the resurrection of La Magra. Blade then goes to Frost’s lair to retrieve Karen, it is here where he discovers his mother is not dead, but Frost’s mistress. His shock causes him to be captured, giving Frost the last thing he needs for the resurrection, Blade’s light resistant blood. Frost resurrects La Magra and becomes very powerful. Karen then helps Blade escape so he can fight Frost. At first Blade seems outmatched but eventually uses EDTA, a blood thinner with an adverse effect to vampires, to kill Frost.



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