The greatest fear to the vampires, in the movie Blade, is “the day walker.” Eric “Blade” Brooks is the half-human half-immortal, fearless and powerful character that has all the best attributes of vampires, but none of their weaknesses. Hence, his has ability to be in the daylight, something the other vampires in this movie cannot do. The underground nightclub scene perfectly sets the pace for this movie. With an entire room of people dancing and jumping around to heart pumping techno music with an animalistic tension of desire, it’s hard to not equate it to a sexual tension.  Especially with the climatic release of blood through the sprinkler system covering all the vampires in a wet, sticky, goodness. It’s pure indulgence until Blade enters and immediately the room falls to silence. This is our first look at Blade, dressed in head to toe black leather, and how he commands a room with his presence.


Whistler and Blade

The fight scene that follows showcases Blade’s multi talented fighting abilities as well as his proficiency in weaponry. Blade encourages the rivalry with Deacon Frost by lighting Quinn, Frost’s right hand man, on fire and then telling him to give Frost his regards, which helps to build the tension between Blade and the vampires. Through out the movie, Blade relentlessly deals with the vampires and kills them. It is his mission. It is his purpose. Whistler, Blade’s mentor and weapon maker, is Blade’s closest confidant, yet the relationship is one of intention. Whistler makes the weapons and Blade uses them. With Whistler’s help, Blade is able to ward off his vampirism by receiving serum injections that Whistler makes.


Blade and Dr. Karen

The only vulnerability seen by Blade is that towards Dr. Karen Jenson, a hematologist. Before Quinn can kill the doctor, Blade jumps in to save her, simply because she reminds Blade of his mother. Blade’s mother “died” shortly after delivering Blade via caesarean section from a vampire bite to the neck. Not only did Blade lose his mother, he was born with qualities that are only fit to kill vampires. This is the cause for Blade’s revenge and his reason for living. When Blade takes Dr. Karen to Whistler so she can receive a cure, the three are bonded from this scene on. Though we hope to see some sort of deeper relationship form between Blade and Dr. Karen, the scene with the most sexual tension, without the sex, is the bite scene. Blade is extremely weak and Dr. Karen insists that Blade take her blood so he can get stronger. The pace of the music quickens and the scene jumps between Frost in the circle and Blade feeding off Dr. Karen. Blade’s hungrily slurping sounds combined with Dr. Karen’s moaning and groaning is an indication of a sexual pleasure beyond human consumption.


Edward and Bella

A more innocent sexual tension was in the Twilight series between Edward and Bella. Bella was clearly ready for all that Edward had to offer, but Edward always managed to incorporate abstinence until the wedding. Bella and Edward are meant to be together for eternity and we know this from the beginning. The series allows for a purposeful and an intentional build in the relationship to solidify that Bella’s decision to become a vampire is the best decision for their future. In comparison to Blade and Dr. Karen, this is not a forever relationship. At the end of the movie, Blade asks Dr. Karen to make him a more efficient serum that will allow him to continue to fight vampires and she agrees. Blade could have chose the cure and lived happily ever after with Dr. Karen, but his need to eliminate vampires outweighs the need for a romantic relationship. This is proven in the final clip of the movie with Blade in Moscow, ready to fight the blood-sucking comrade.  


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