Blade is a superhero-vampire action movie that was released in 1998. The movie is about Eric or Blade, who was born as a half vampire half human due to his mother being bitten by a vampire right before she gave birth to him. Blade has the abilities, strengths, and thirst for blood of a vampire. Due to his unique DNA, Blade does not have the weaknesses that a vampire has including garlic, silver, sunlight, and UV light.

Blade grew up believing his mother had died as she gave birth to him. He later meets Abraham Whistler, a vampire hunter whose family was killed by a hitchhiking vampire. Together they hunt down vampires to protect humans. During a hunt, Blade meets Dr. Karen Jenson, a hematologist who had been bitten by a vampire. Because of her resemblance to Blade’s mother, he rescues her and brings her along. Dr. Jenson uses her knowledge to create a serum in which blows up vampires. Meanwhile, the antagonist, Frost, tries to summon the blood god, La Magra by using Blade’s blood as said in the prophecy. Frost obtains the power of the blood god and fights in a one-on-one with Blade. Ultimately, Frost is defeated with Dr. Jenson’s serum, ending as Blade continues his hunt for vampires. 

Blade’s character development appears to be unchanged throughout the film. He is a menacing protagonist who wishes to annihilate all vampires. Although we are able to notice a soft spot in Blade, his mother. This indication is shown when he stands above Dr. Jenson after she had been bitten and when he sees his mother in-person. Other than that, Blade is a determined half-blood who stops at nearly nothing to achieve this goal whether he has to kill humans or vampires. 

The portrayal of vampires in this film are like those in other stories similar to those in “The Sorceress, The Vampire, and The Peasant and The Corpse”. These vampires are often violent, evil, and prefer to shed blood. Like all of these stories, vampires are commonly weak to sunlight, garlic, and at times silver. Although the introduction of UV light is interesting as few other stories use UV light as a mechanism to fight against vampires. In modern day, vampires are portrayed as gentler, yet fearsome creatures, similar to those in Twilight. The vampires in the modern day are often more intriguing to the young female audiences while the vampires in Blade and in older stories are often more intriguing to male audiences. 

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