The movie Blade is a vampire superhero movie about a man who is a vampire with human characteristics and traits that he uses to protect humans from vampires. Throughout the movie, Blade uses an assorted collection of weapons to kill the vampires. The collection of weapons Blade uses to kill the vampires includes pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles, revolvers, and a sword. All the weapons Blade uses against the vampires contain their elemental weaknesses that can kill them such as sunlight or silver. Blade’s companion, Abraham Whistler explains that some of the weapons in past myths and legends involving vampires don’t all work, “Crosses don’t do squat. Some of the legends are true though. Vampires are severely allergic to silver. Feed them garlic and they go into anaphylactic shock. Then, of course, there’s always sunlight…” (Blade, 1998). Old stories of vampires involve the death of vampire with crosses, stakes, and fires. Though they can still be used in a certain context the evolution of how to kill vampires in the past has changed dramatically with such films as Twilight when the Cullen family tore apart and burned James Witherdale. In modern media, vampires are usually killed through fire and any sort of violence that can involve any number of their weaknesses. These weaknesses were not all brought into one literature as they slowly developed into trends which can be seen from The Story of Dracula from Russian Stories, “Dracula, seeing that he was being attacked by his own men, immediately killed five of his would-be assassins; then he was killed by many arrows and thus he died” (McNally, 7). Clearly in the past, the weaknesses of vampires were not as well though of today or as elaborated. Though some of the weaknesses of vampires are seen throughout literature and media, some new methods of killing vampires have developed out of mainstream media and fan fiction.

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