The Movie “Blade” presents a new take on what a vampire should entail when looking at the characteristics. Unlike other material that has been studied in the course this movie seems to shine light on what a “good vampire” looks like. Blade is seen, as a good vampire because he makes it his mission to hunt down bad vampires. He is able to love which can be seen in his relationship with Whistler. This movie shows that vampires can have good qualities and have a type of heart. What also separates Blade from other vampires that have been previously presented in the course is that he is known as a day walker. What this means is that blade is a vampire that can walk around in day light with humans since he is half human and half vampire. Normally there are not stories telling of someone who is half human and half vampire, just someone who is strictly a vampire. It is a new viewpoint on what a vampire’s characteristics should encompass in order to survive.

What is very interesting about Blade as a character as a whole is that he is not the typical vampire. In the movie he is not seen as a Dracula who wants to suck your blood. Instead, Blade seems to be a trusting vampire due to his half human side. When looking back into history at characters like Dracula characteristics like having a heart, being trustworthy, or even being good would be associated with him. Yet, Blade as a character gets to defy what the “normal” is for a vampire. This is a very important aspect because this sets the tone for future vampire movies incorporates a more humanized vampire that has not been seen in vampire movie history. In all, Blade is a character that reveals a new take on what a vampire should incorporate in his/her characteristics. He is a vampire that people want to be bad, but in the end shows his good intentions.

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