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                In the movie Blade (1998) we get introduced to a very young character who hunts vampires for a living. The character Blade, comes from the background of being part super natural. The reason being is because the mother of blade was bitten by a vampire when she was pregnant. This gave the him vampire like qualities and was looked at to be half vampire half human. Blade grew up his whole life being a so-called vampire hunter. He wanted to abolish all vampires for the revenge of his mother’s death.  He was much more than just a vampire hunter in the movie though, he was looked at and called A Day-walker. He can roam the day and the night with no repercussions of a normal vampire. This is a very important factor in the movie. With Blade being able to roam anytime of the day, it made it easier for him to track the ones that were trying to find him at night. Blade is a very interesting character; in the movie, we see a lot of different perspectives from him. The most important being that Blade is a loving and caring person. We see this in a couple ways. When his mother dies and he wants to seek revenge, we see here that family means lot more to him than anything. The same goes with his relationship with Karen. At first blade has no connection with her besides saving her and taking her to the hideout. After a while we see that blade get very protective of her. We know this because when the police man vampire slave tries and attacks her. Blade intervenes and ends up finding out that he was sent to kill her. After this situation. Blade vows to himself to not let anything happen to her as he continues with his search. Blade is the underlining love symbol throughout the movie.

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