Bucket of Blood is a classic Eastern European folktale involving a peasant who meets a stranger clad in worn and spotty clothing while riding past a cemetery at night. After taking in the man who requests a ride to the nearest village. As they peasant and mysterious man approach homes, the man proclaims many houses are “locked,” along the path of the village yet each locked house is adorned with a cross along the walkway. After time the pair walk up to a house with a padlock on the gate which proceeds to open by itself. On a nearby bench sits an old man and young boy in which the stranger places a bucket and proceeds to cut and bleed both the boy and man and consumes their blood. After his feeding has been relinquished the blood clad man proclaims for the pair to proceed to his place, as the sun is rising in which they are taken to said place in a “flash.” As they land in the area the vampire fails at a sudden attack on the peasant who is saved by the break of dawn, the village after finding the man find the man in a puddle of blood and proceed to impale him with an aspen wood stake.

References Edit

Death at the Wedding and Bucket of Blood

The Sorceress

The Werewolf's Daughter

The Artifice

The Peasant and the Corpse

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