A major part or theme of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the strong heroine aspect. Buffy is the main character in the show and she essentially works at night for when the vampires come out to feed and she slays them to protect the town. Vampires only come out at night because in a lot of fiction about vampires the sun makes their skin melt. However, in traditional vampire heavy novels like Dracula, vampires he was able to roam around during the day without any problem such as his skin melting or his powers diminishing. It’s only been in recent times that sunlight played a part in killing vampires in fictional works. In order to slay these vampires, she uses apotropaic to avert the vampires or diminish them into dust. The types of apotropaic she uses are stakes, holy water, crosses, and she sometimes wears a cross around her neck as a necklace so she is wont be harmed. When Buffy fights a battle with a demon or vampire in the series she never loses. There have definitely been close calls in a battle between Buffy and the enemy and it has been a toss-up as far as who is going to win but Buffy always ends up winning in the end. She is a strong heroine figure in this series in that she also protects not only herself, but other people from getting hurt or even killed by vampires. She is a hero that mostly works alone, but there have been many circumstances that she receives help from numerous people such as her friends, professors, and even other slayers. She finds that she has difficultly with this because she takes such pride in her work as a slayer but there are rare occasions in the show that she needs the extra help. She is the ultimate heroine of the moving picture vampire world.

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