The series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” is a television show about a high school girl Buffy Summer, a destined vampire slayer, portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar[1]. The character of interest is Buffy, the main protagonist of the series. The episode “Welcome to Hellmouth,” [2] starts with Buffy, who got just expelled from her previous school for burning down the gym due to supernatural encounters she faced her whole life, moving to a new neighborhood. There she met a strange school librarian, who seems to know about her past, who later revealed to be the Watcher. The librarian warns that Buffy must make sure the ancient vampire the Master does not break loose and must contain him at any cost. Buffy is reluctant at first since her past as a slayer ruined her social life and doing so again will put here right back in the situation she tried hard to escape. Eventually, Buffy is convinced as she heads to the schools hangout. On her way, she encounters a strange man who warns that “The Harvest” [3] is coming. Unfortunately, it occurs to her that the Master is already woken up by followers as the harvest starts, and Buffy needs to act in her best interest to save her friends and classmates. Towards the end of the episode at the cemetery, the situation escalates quickly. Buffy’s life is at the stake, for Luke outmaneuvers her and manages to plunge her in a nearby coffin for the final blow. But instead was killed. She desires to move on with a normal life, but her fate is destined to be a vampire slayer. The episode, “Dracula vs Buffy”, explores her and her friends’ understanding of vampire. This also let us examine how the stereotypical portrayal of vampires are not the case across the spectrum. A conversation between Buffy and her friends reveals that unlike the vampires they have encountered, this particular vampire Dracula stands out, and at the same time charming as opposed to disgusting.  This is helped explained by the scenes that Buffy is put under his seductive spell from which she can’t escape. The other side aka the weakness of determined vampire slayer is exposed during these scenes, but is ultimately overcome when those she cares are threatened. In my opinion, these two episodes promote "a decisive and strong woman" popular cultural icon through the celebration of the empowered and exceptionally capable character in an attempt to encourage young women to get involved in what has traditionally been male-dominated roles in military and civilian service.


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