Alexander Harris formally known as Xander, appears in the first episode of season one in the TV series Buffy the vampire slayer. he first appears on Buffys' very first day of school as she walks onto campus from her mothers car. he catches a glimpse of Buffy summers and he gets distracted and skates into a stair rail falling onto the sidewalk. he made many attempts to get Buffy's attention on the first day of school. Shortly after Buffy starts school Xander over hears Buffy and the librarian talking about vampires and supernatural creatures and is confused.

Xander becomes involved with the vampire slaying Buffy does in the first episode of the series when willow is kidnapped by a vampire and taken to a crypt. when Buffy asks him about Willow and who she left with the night at the club he confronts her about what he heard in the library but to his surprise he discovers that it was not a joke. from the moment Xander walks into the crypt with Buffy he automatically becomes involved. as the series continues Xander becomes more involved with the work Buffy does.

Xander is known for being a sarcastic character who jokes during serious times. season 5 where Buffy comes in contact with Dracula is a perfect example of when he uses his sarcastic comments and jokes in a not so appropriate circumstance; Xanders first reaction is to let out a few jokes. Xanders sarcastic attitude is seen throughout the series.

Xanders' best friend is Willow Rosenberg. When they were five they briefly "dated" but that came to a halt when he stole her barbie but since then they have stayed close friends. briefly in the series Xander and Willow rekindle their romance but it does not last too long due to a almost fatal accident and Willow is the one who breaks it off.

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