Many people, especially vampire lovers, have heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer . She is a teenage girl who is destined to kill vampires although would rather live a normal life. Even though she transfers schools and wants a fresh start, it is impossible because it seems that vampire trouble follows her wherever she goes. A female 16 year old high school student is definitely not the ideal hero that everyone thinks of. Usually a hero is supposed to be someone like the soldier in "Death at a Wedding. " The soldier is naturally supposed to save people and conquer villains which he does. Although, even after viewing just the first episode of Buffy, "Welcome to Hellmouth," it is apparent that this girl is not your every day superhero. The first sign of this is that she shows compassion for the way Willow was treated by Cordelia at the water fountain. Buffy may be a pretty girl but she doesn’t care to act like the stereotypical popular one. She genuinely felt bad for Willow and wanted to become friends with her. Hero’s now, do stand up for the "little guy," but mostly a small city that's being demolished or children being captured. I am going to call this Buffy's "secret identity" hero. Superman is Clark Kent, Batman is Bruce Wayne, and Buffy is "Buffy when not slaying vampires." When she is not being a hero by slaying vampires, she is still a hero as her secret identity. Edit

So Buffy is a hero when she is using her secret identity but is still definitely a hero when she is not. Originally, Buffy no longer wanted to deal with vampires. She wanted to put all that behind her and just live a normal life. However, as soon as she hears of a dead guy in the school, she puts her hero hat on and investigates. Fast forwarding, toward the end of the first episode, Buffy once again hangs out with Willow truly wanting to be friends but then freaks out when she goes missing. She goes chasing after her to save her and some others. She goes to save someone who she just met that day. Someone she hardly knows and has not really developed a relationship with yet. This is the mark of a true hero. She had just a feeling that Willow was in trouble and did not hesitate one second to go find out if she was okay.


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