The vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer are unique. While they have some similarities to other vampires we've read about and watched in the past, such as sharp teeth and blood-sucking tendencies; their looks are vastly different than what we are accustomed to and their living situations are unique from most.



Most of the vampires in the show Buffy the Vampire slayer have many similarities to one another, but look unlike many other vampires we’ve come across in other tales. These vampires are normal by day: they look like regular human beings with normal skin, eye color, and no fangs. Once the vampires are ready to feed, however, they undergo an unusual change. The vampires go from normal-looking humans to angry creatures with large almost horned foreheads, sharp teeth, and a frankenstein-esque look. Most vampires can be characterized by their flawless looks: shiny skin with no imperfections, sharp attributes, stunning beauty... but these vampires are just ordinary-looking people who turn quite ugly and mutated. Their eye color changes to yellow and their voices get much breathier. It is usual amongst vampires to change eye colors. Dracula, however, conforms to whatwe know as “normal vampires”: with his pale skin, dark hair, black clothing, and dark eyes. His voice is seductive and he speaks with a middle-eastern accent. Dracula can change shape, from human-like form to bat; but the other vampires cannot do so- although this is a common trait of vampires.


Welcome to the Hellmouth
The vampires we usually know travel either alone (Dracula, Mina and The Count, etc.) or in packs as families (Twilight), but these vampires are different. There is a hierarchy to their group: one head, most powerful vampire; sub-leaders; and then messengers who take the image of teenagers and prey on young blood to bring back to the leaders. The “messengers” are basically the pawns, because they are usually the ones sent out to make the kills and usually the ones who get killed- however as Buffy and her crew grow, their kills get more important. Most of these vampires do not live in castles and are not treated as royalty, but rather the opposite.

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