Carmilla is a lesbian vampire story by Le Fanu. The story begins with a young girl, Laura who lives with her father. She once had a dream about a beautiful girl visiting her only to be punctured in the chest. Laura is quite desperate for the company of a friend, when a carriage accident outside of her home brings Carmilla, into her and her father’s care. Laura recognizes the beautiful girl from the dream she had when she was younger. They end up bonding because Carmilla’s mother leaves her there. There are strange events that occur, Carmilla is a girl who sleep walks, sleeps most of the day, and makes sexual advances towards Laura.

Slowly Carmilla begins to fall sick and have recurring nightmares. A doctor finds a mark on her chest and asks that she never be left unattended. After Lauras father, the general takes her away in a carriage they come across someone who enlightens them about Carmilla. This person’s daughter had the same symptoms after having encountered a mother and her daughter and being left to care for the daughter. This persons daughter ended up dying. They become aware that Carmilla is really Mircalla the vampire with a different name. Laura never completely recovers from her health decline after that.

When I analyze the story of Carmilla, I come across the common and recurring themes of vampire tales. Sexual, homosexual, attractive, charming, strange, vampires. All of which are commonly found in different vampire stories I have read, and glamorized in modern vampire stories as well. It reminds me of the story of the Vampire Eli, who was also a homo sexual transgender.

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