In the 1998 film, “Blade”, directed by Stephen Norrington, we follow the story of a half mortal, half immortal man named Blade and his quest for revenge. Just before his birth, his mother was bitten by a vampire and resulted in his vampire mutation of being half human and half vampire. The strain of the birth and the pain of the vampire infection caused Blade’s mother to die and from then on Blade has been searching for the vampire that killed his mother.

Abraham Whistler1

Abraham Whistler found Blade as a 13-year-old boy feeding off the homeless while he was hunting for vampires and would have killed Blade too if it weren’t for Blade’s mutation (0:58:20). Ever since then, Abraham has been giving Blade a serum to suppress his thirst for blood.

Abraham began hunting vampires after a drifter came to his house and killed his wife and two daughters. Since that moment, Abraham has become a broken man wanting revenge. This common goal for revenge is what bonded Blade and Abraham together.

Abraham was a father who saw his family die and from then on he has been yearning for a family. By running into Blade, Abraham was given an opportunity to become a father figure once again. Their relationship is far from the conventional family but how they treat one another resembles a type of familial bond. In the scene when Blade takes an increased dosage of the serum you can see Abraham grasping Blade’s hand as to comfort him through his pain (0:26:00).


It is clear to see that Abraham cares for Blade but he knows that one day, Blade might not come back so he distances himself from him as to not hurt himself Blade dies. When Blade comes back to the warehouse to find Abraham dying, the viewer can see the pain Blade feels and how his feelings are similar to that of losing his mother.

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