The role of Charles Rivers in the movie, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, has a rather small part but he attempts to fix the unfixable by curing the angst ridden hurricane that is his teenage son. The character of Tony's father, played by Malcolm Atterbury, simply wants to make sure his son lives a normal life. After the school fight at the beginning, Charles advises his son to try to live by other peoples rules so Tony can have an easier time fitting in. Most of the characters in the movie view Tony as a disturbed and psychotic kid but that simply isn't the case. Tony is confronted with the idea that life is governed by multitudes of different laws and regulations and his father knows this. When being asked about Tony's whereabouts, Charles constantly reminds the officer that Tony is in fact a good kid, which goes to show that he has faith in his son.

Even though Charles loves his son, he should have tried a bit harder to help his son. One way he could have aided his son was by being involved with the therapy that Tony was attending. Charles should have tried to communicate with the therapist about trying to help his son. Perhaps Charles could have helped with the process by learning more about how therapy can help troubled teenagers. However, Charles remained oblivious to what was going on between Tony and Dr. Brandon, which resulted in catastrophic consequences for Tony. Even if that was too much effort for Charles, he could have tried to help Tony himself by being more present in his life. After all, Tony did grow up without a mother so it does not seem like a bad idea for Charles to be more involved with his son's life. Mr. Rivers was in no way a bad father or a poor role model, however, there is always room for improvement and his relationship with his son should have been his top priority because family is the most important thing that someone can have. SOURCES:

I Was A Teenage Werewolf

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