[[Luella Miller|Luella]] Miller is a character in the 1903 story "Luella Miller" by Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman. The story starts out with Luella Miller's death; the only person in the town who remembers anything about Luella is her neighbor, Lydia Anderson. Lydia describes her as "a beauty of a type rather unusual in New England" and that "She had glimmering lengths of straight, fair hair, which she wore softly looped round a long, lovely face. She had blue eyes full of soft pleading, little slender, clinging hands, and a wonderful grace of motion and attitude."(Wilkins-Freeman 3). Her exquisite beauty first entices Erastus Miller, and he becomes her husband. He takes care of her and does absolutely everything for her until eventually he works himself to death. Erastus's sister comes to care for her after Erastus's death and soon she too works so hard that she dies. This cycle occurs multiple times with different caregivers until eventually no one wants to take on the duty of caring for Luella even though she is fully capable of caring for herself. With no one caring for her, Luella grows weak and passes away herself. How is Luella able to convince these people to take care of her and why do they keep dying? Luella is a vampire who is able to entice her victims with her beauty and make them her slaves to wait on her hand and foot, sucking the life out of them until they die. Luella seems almost oblivious to what she is doing and when Lydia confronts her about it she gets very upset and denies it. She doesn't know that she is killing these people. Its like her evil power is out of her hands and she can't control her poison that entices people. Luella is a parasite that traps her host and consumes that, but she is also incredibly reliant on her host for caring for her, because without them she can't survive.

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