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Night Watch (2004 film) theatrical poster

In the movie Night Watch the warriors of dark and light formed a truce between each other agreeing not to battle but instead watch each other. The Night Watchers are the light warriors and they would keep watch of the dark side and the Day Watchers are the dark warriors keeping watch of the light side. Anton, an Other for the night watchers is sent out to save the life of a young boy Yegor who has been called by a dark side vampire. After a fight between the vampire and Anton the boy escapes and the vampire is killed leaving his girlfriend who he had just turned into a vampire. Zavulon, the leader of the dark others commands her to find Yegor again and bite him. Meanwhile Anton and the light others attempt to find him and prevent that from happening as well as find the Virgin of Byzantium. Her appearance signifies the beginning of the Final Battle in which one side will prevail over the other based on the decision of the Great Other. Anton find Yegor's house and goes there to protect him. It is then that he discovers that Yegor is also an other and that he is actually his son. Not only that but he is also the Great Other. Anton and Zavulon battle in an attempt to get Yegor to choose their side. When one of the dark witches that works for Zavulon reads a transcript of how Anton attempted to have Yegor aborted before he was born, Yegor chooses the dark side and disappears into the darkness with Zavulon.

Yegor Edit

Yegor is only 12 years old and that alone makes his character important. Yegor literally has the weight of the world on his shoulders and he has no idea. Not only that but because he is so young he is so easily influenced. His final decision to join the dark side was irrational and ill thought out and yet it will affect his life dramatically. It is said that his decision will plunge the world into darkness. He will never know what could have happened if he had chose the light side. He also did not allow for Anton to explain himself. This could have affected his overall decision. This is similar to the tale of "Little Red Riding Hood", as she is walking through the woods she meets a wolf and foolishly tells him where she is going and what she is doing. Because of this she ends up getting herself killed.

Another important character trait to recognize about Yegor is that he is does not seem to get scared very easily. He doesnt even hesitate to follow the call and when he is attacked by the vampires he is scared but not to the level that you would expect a 12 year old to be. Also when Anton and Andrey are fighting he seems to just stand and stare, not really afraid of what he is seeing. Once he leaves he doesn't run home and try to call the police or anything of that sort. He kind of just accepts what happened and moves on. This is the exact opposite of how the daughter of the werewolf reacts in "The werewolf's daughter" by Slovakia. She realizes that her father is killing her sister and so she fights back and pushes him into the ditch and flees. Instead of just moving on with her life she gets herself out of the situation and to safety.

Ultimately Yegor is an unexpected character. The things that he does and the way he acts are not what you would normally expect form a 12 year old boy which is why his character was a good fit for becoming the Great Other. He ultimately chose darkness because of his fathers stupid mistake but it almost seems as if he would have chosen darkness from the very beginning.

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